Private Home Cleaning Kilburn

Private Home Cleaning in Kilburn

As much as it is hard to believe, we love doing your housework. So instead of spending your weekend slaving away, leave the chores of private home cleaning in Kilburn to us. Our trained, ready to work cleaners love doing their job with honesty and care. You can get your weekend and family time back by leaving your household cleanup to us....

You can contact us online and schedule a time for service. We offer customized, thorough and reliable cleaning packages at very affordable rates per hour for you. You can provide you with the number of cleaners you want and hours of work. Our cleaners are available on a daily basis, weekly or monthly and you do not need to hold on to a contract. Prepare your to-do list or select our basic private home cleaning in Kilburn service in full. Our customized packages allow our customers to include a special service or they can cancel service, it's completely up to them. Our experienced cleaners know exactly what their clients expect from them when it comes to housekeeping. We clean from right to left and from top to bottom, ensuring no point is overlooked.

Our services include dusting with a microfiber cloth for a shining finish. A dusting of all doors, baseboards, window sills furniture tops, pictures, LED and lamps are included. Vacuum cleaning of floors and carpets. Bedding is also included. All washroom surfaces are washed and disinfected with eco-friendly products. All mirrors are cleaned properly. The kitchen floor is mopped and disinfected, oven and refrigerator exteriors are thoroughly cleaned. You can pay extra for interior cleaning of refrigerator and stove. Clean swipe’s service for private home cleaning in Kilburn is highly appreciated by our valuable customers because we offer 100% satisfaction or within 48 hours, clients can inform us about any error or mistake during the clean-up and we will surely make it right.